Some wallpapers/headers/banners

Well, I finally post some walls,headers and banners I made a long time ago, I don't think they're on my LJ already so I hope you'll like them :).

Wallpapers :
- Legend Of The Seeker (10)
- Matt Bomer (2)
- Amanda Tapping
- Joanne Kelly / Eddie McClintock
- Billie Piper / David Tennant
- Billie Piper
- Alexander Skarsgård

Headers :
- Cara (2 : Legend of The Seeker)
- Chuck (2)

Banners :
- Chuck (14)

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NY Times Square

Not dead... yet !

Hi guys !

Sorry it's been a while since I came here last time, but I'll try to come more and post more also, I swear lol.
And I'll try to make more fan art also, as before :).

and to make new icons for my LJ and yours xD
NY Times Square

Save Lie To Me Graphic

It's been a while I didn't post on my LJ, but don't worry guys, I'm still alive xD.

And I'm posting something to support the Save Lie To Me Campaign, an awesome TV Show with Tim Roth and Kelli Williams.

(click on the banner or the cut to see the manipulation)

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